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Attract X Psychic & Mental Seduction Mind Tricks for Instant Dating Success!

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 The desire to attract and seduce beautiful, sexy women is as natural for men as eating, sleeping and watching football. Still, many men struggle to capture the attention of the women they encounter because they are too shy or lack the confidence to effectively seduce attractive girls. For many men, even the most basic tools they need to bring sexy women to a sexual relationship are unavailable to them.

Until now, that is. Attract X takes a unique approach to seduction because it focuses on secret psychological and mental manipulation techniques that instantly give men the upper hand when approaching even the most gorgeous women.

Attract X Psychic & Mental Seduction Mind Tricks for Instant Dating Success!
Attract X Psychic & Mental Seduction Mind Tricks for Instant Dating Success!

Like most guys, I let my insecurities and self-esteem issues limit my ability to pick up girls. After years of frustration, I finally decided to do something about it.


When most people think of psychic powers, they think of the gypsy fortune teller, the corny carnival hypnotist, or some sort of supernatural mumbo-jumbo that belongs more in a Hollywood horror picture than the real world. Yet the truth is that psychic energy is an actual, measurable physical property that has been written about and studied in depth by both private institutions and government agencies -- including military intelligence -- for the past 150 years.

The field of parapsychology has made amazing advances in recent decades, and has even begun to be merged with more mainstream scientific fields such as physics, chemistry and medicine. For years,

researchers have attempted to prove the existence of the nonphysical subatomic particle called the “psitron” (also known as the “mindon” or the “psychon”) that serves as the catalyst for extrasensory perception, telepathy and psychokinesis. But it wasn’t until 1974 that Gerald Feinberg, a physicist at New York’s Columbia University, developed the unifying theory of the tachyon -- a theoretical particle that travels faster than the speed of light – that real progress began to be made.

According to Feinberg, the behavior of tachyons, psychons and other as-yet-unidentified elementary particles may contradict “known physical laws” but eventually may be understood “within the existing body of physical principle.” Much of Feinberg’s work was later classified by the US Department of Defense. He died in 1992.

Feinberg and other groundbreaking researchers such as the psychologist Cyril Burt and British mathematician Adrian Dobbs realized the behavior of psychons could one day explain such paranormal activity as precognition (the ability to accurately predict future events), ESP and even how most normal people can “sense” when somebody is watching them, even when they can’t see them.

The Mind’s Hidden Secrets

While academics continue to attempt to prove the existence of the psychon and understand its behavior, others have approached parapsychology for other purposes. One of the most famous was the Stargate Project, a top-secret US military project that was first launched in the 1970s and continued until its “official” termination in 1995. The purpose of the Stargate Project was to harness the military and domestic applications of psychic phenomena, especially “remote viewing”, or the ability to psychically “see” events, sites or information using only the mind’s innate power.

According to recently declassified documents, the Stargate Project identified 22 active military and domestic “remote viewers” who were able to provide accurate data to provide actionable information, including the launch date for a newly constructed Soviet submarine, the release of the American hostage Richard Queen in Iran in 1979, and the accurate prediction of the attack on the USS Stark in May, 1987.

The Stargate Project’s remote viewers not only focused on military projects, but on domestic investigations as well. In one, a “seer” accurately identified a suspect in a serial crime. The suspect was captured and his later confession verified almost exactly what was viewed by the domestic remote viewer. The FBI subsequently put a hold on the case and changed its status to “classified” for purposes of national security.

Perhaps not surprisingly, after the military terminated the Stargate Project in 1995, it was taken over by the Central Intelligence Agency and information about its current status is not available.

The concepts of psychic energy, telekinesis and mind control are not supernatural. They are as real as the laws of physics and the Periodic Table of the Elements. As science continues to scramble to understand how these properties work, we can use these concepts to make ourselves more powerful and influential.

Mental Arousal

Another field of parapsychology that has been the target of both government and private research is mental arousal, or the power to sexually stimulate another person using only the mind.

While the human brain has been dissected, magnetically graphed, electronically mapped, and otherwise exhaustively studied, there are still many things about the way it works that science cannot answer. For example, you may have experienced the phenomenon referred to as “déjà vu”. This is when you have the certainty that you have lived through an experience before, a form of precognition that currently has no scientific explanation.

Or perhaps you have experienced a “gut feeling” about something that later turns out to be correct. By today’s scientific standards, this is patently impossible, yet in practice it happens all the time.

When it comes to sexual arousal, the human body takes its cues from a number of a variety sources, most notably the five senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling and smelling. But it also can be affected by extra-sensory input, including one’s predisposition to a sexual encounter (how “horny” you are), past sexual history, environment, mood, how hungry you are and a myriad of other factors.

Another, less obvious factor is the mind’s ability to pick up on signals or suggestions being transmitted by another person, either consciously or subconsciously. For example, adolescents will frequently irrationally fixate on another person, resulting in a “crush”. The object of the crush often shows no signs of mutual attraction, may be completely unaware of the subject’s existence, and may not even be sexually developed. Yet the emotions felt by the subject have been triggered by some sort of mental suggestion – a sexual radio signal of sorts -- that resulted in their being “turned on” by that person.

Pheronomes and other sub-sensory stimuli also play an important role in stimulating a person’s sexuality. When a person is in the mood for sex, he or she will naturally emit hormones that send out an odorous signal that

can’t be perceived by another person’s sense of smell. Yet the receiver of these odors can immediately be picked up on this invisible signal and identify the other person as being “in heat” or ready to copulate.

Harnessing the Energy around Us

Women have a natural erotic energy that they emit whenever they are feeling sexually aroused or are predisposed to arousal due to where they are in their menstrual cycle, how long it has been since they last had sex, and sensory stimuli they may have recently encountered, such as music, colors, images and other stimulation.

This energy field can be viewed using infra-red technology. It is sometimes referred to as the woman’s aura. Men also project erotic energy, but because men’s sexual desire is more sustained and has fewer peaks and valleys, the fields they generate are typically less intense than a woman’s.

In order to see a woman’s erotic energy, it is necessary to train your mind to be able to tell the difference between a woman who is emitting a lot of erotic energy and one who is not. This is a skill that is developed by practice.

The best way to develop this skill is by observing women who are highly erotically charged and those who are not side-by-side – such as at a party or nightclub -- and then imprinting those differences on your mind. Find women who are obviously interested in talking to men. Simultaneously, find women who are keeping to themselves or chatting with friends, but are not outwardly seeking men. Then try to focus on the different types of energy each set of women is emitting.

If you concentrate hard enough, you can begin to physically see differences in these energy fields. Practice this skill anywhere women are found and eventually it can become second nature to you.

When a man is in the proximity of a woman, there are certain instinctual responses he can pick up that subconsciously indicates the level of erotic energy that she is transmitting. It is also possible to train the mind to be consciously aware of these energy fields and quickly identify whether or not a woman is open to a sexual encounter, whether she is “turned on”, or whether she is indifferent, or whether she is closed to the idea of sex. These are referred to as her “seduction gates”. When she is in a high state of arousal, her seduction gates are said to be wide open. When she is transmitting low erotic energy, her seductive gates are only partially open or closed.

This energy field is a combination of the woman’s emotions, lust, attraction and passion. When it is very intense, it physically manifests itself in a variety of physical ways, including the moistening of the vaginal walls, the hardening of the nipples, and increased heart rate. It also causes her mind to send of a signal that can be perceived by the man if he has been properly trained on what to look out for.

By harnessing this erotic energy, you can easily identify those women who are most open to being approached, seduced and sexually conquered. Once you develop this skill, as you move through a place where there are a lot of women – a shopping mall, a party, a public park, a grocery store – you will be able to physically see which women are open to seduction just as easily as you could see which are wearing a particular color dress.

When you focus your seductive energies on those women who are already sexually stimulated and subconsciously or even consciously looking for a sexual encounter, you can increase your seduction success rate to nearly 100 percent.

Hidden Frequencies

Because men instinctually want to disperse their seed as widely as possible, they are always “on the prowl” for sexual activity, regardless of

whether they are in a monogamous relationship or not or even if they are unwilling to act on it. Men simply can’t help but to be sexually stimulated when they see a woman’s breast cleavage or a pair of long, shapely legs, for example.

Because women can usually only carry one child at a time during pregnancy, they are naturally much more selective when it comes to choosing a sexual partner. Consequently, their “window of opportunity” for seduction is much narrower. Still, all women have sexual needs and when they are in a state of sexual arousal, whether they try to suppress it or not they will be open to seduction and intercourse.

Visualization and Its Benefits

While studying women’s erotic energy fields side-by-side can help train your mind to see these fields, another way to train your mind to identify which women are transmitting a high level of erotic energy is through visualization exercises. This is when you imagine yourself moving through a group of women and physically seeing each woman’s erotic “glow”. For some, it will be a dull yellow while for others they will actually appear red and throbbing. These are the women you want to target for seduction.

This type of visualization exercise opens the man’s subconscious portals that are always on the lookout for sex. Your mind naturally picks up on erotic energy subconsciously. But by practicing the visual experience of seeing the erotic energy glowing from women, you can unlock this subconscious experience and make it a reality.

Horoscope and Seduction

Astrology is based on the concept that gravitational forces that existed at the moment of your birth influence your personality. While this concept has been the basis for an endless supply of newspaper columns, the reality is that on an atomic level, our bodies are profoundly affected by gravitational and magnetic attraction in our daily lives. And by directing these forces strategically, it is possible to use them to increase the level of erotic energy a woman is releasing at any given moment.

While it has not yet been proven scientifically, this type of gravitation attraction may be related to the way psychons move on the atomic level. It is a field that merits continued study and perhaps someday will allow us to more easily identify erotic energy fields.


When you practice visually “seeing” the amount of erotic energy a woman is releasing, you can easily identify those women who are most open to your seduction and eventual sexual conquest. After only a few hours of practice, you can begin to see a noticeable glow coming from certain women, indicating that they are open to being approached. This skill improves the more you practice it because you can actually train your mind to migrate this response from the subconscious part of your brain to the areas that control conscious thought.

On a psychological level, both men and women respond positively to somebody who gives a clear signal of interest to them. If someone looks at you and smiles, your brain’s first natural reaction is to be momentarily pleased, regardless of the circumstances. Then, your mind begins to process this signal and reach a conclusion. For example, if you are married

and a pretty girl smiles at you or you are straight and another man gives you a clear signal of interest, after this initial glow of pleasure, your brain quickly reaches a conclusion, such as “I’m married and can’t be fooling around with this girl” or “Why is this dude giving me the big eye? Can’t he see I’m into chicks?”

Yet in that moment of pleasure lies your opportunity for successful seduction because when a woman is emitting strong erotic energy, these energy fields can interfere with and delay her rational processing your signal of interest long enough to confuse her response. In other words, when you can visually “see” that a woman is in the throbbing red state of erotic energy and you show an interest in her, the moment of pleasure that occurs before she begins to think rationally again is prolonged, allowing you to take the next step toward successful seduction.

Reverse Seduction

Once you show an interest in a woman emitting a high level of erotic energy and she experiences that natural moment of pleasure, there are a number of ways to open her seduction gates. The first is reverse seduction. This is when you turn the tables on her by forcing her to pursue you, rather than the other way around.

Here’s how it works: When you make eye contact and smile at a woman, if she is emitting a lot of sexual energy, her mind will naturally blush with pleasure. It’s a natural human response to want to feel important and at the center of attention and by giving her an interest signal, you have caused this response to activate within her. And because of her erotic energy level, the rational process of interpreting your signal is delayed. For a few brief moments, she wants you to approach her and initiate seduction. This will be true regardless of whether she is in a relationship or single or even her sexual orientation. For a few moments, because of her psychological state, she will be powerless to resist your will.

But instead of acting in the expected manner by approaching her, you turn your attention to another woman, preferably one of her friends or somebody she is chatting with. By doing this, you challenge her ego, and she will naturally respond by trying to retain her hierarchy of superiority among her inner circle of friends. To do so, she will focus her erotic energy on you, paying you more attention and becoming flirty and playful.

At this point, you should attempt to aggravate this response even further so that it becomes stronger. Laugh more and show more interest in what the other girls are saying than you do your target. Make casual contact with them, such as touching their arm, while avoiding contact with her. When sitting or standing in a group of women, face the others more and align your body and torso so that you clearly appear to be focusing more on them than your target.

By using these deflection techniques, you can build a powerful psychological response in her mind that challenges her ego and forces her to want to make a stronger impression on you, throwing her seduction gates wide open.


The second technique involves exploiting similarities between you and your intended target by creating subconscious points of connection. This is when you find areas of commonality and emphasize them in order to create feelings of trust and comfort.

When you initiate contact with a woman by showing interest, after the initial flush of pleasurable confusion, her mind will begin to rationalize a response. It may call upon previous experiences. For example, if you are smoking, she may recall that her previous boyfriend was a smoker and she will instantly associate you with him. Or she may judge you against a mental checklist of what she is looking for in a man: Are you tall enough? Are you overweight? Are you wearing nice clothes? How do you smell? And so on.

Your target will be more open to seduction if she feels at ease with you and is comfortable being with you. If she begins to feel anxious or unsure, her

seduction gates will slam closed. Your goal is to make her feel that she can trust you and have confidence being with you. To accomplish this, you want to look for and emphasize similarities between you and her.

In conversation, this means trying to identify mutual friends, places and experiences. Once you find something you have in common, steer the conversation to that similarity so that she begins to feel as if she knows you and can trust you.

You also can create these similarities by subtly mimicking her gestures and language. If she uses a lot of hand gestures, for example, gradually begin to work more hand gestures of your own into your conversation. If she uses particular slang words or has an accent, reflect these back to her, being careful not to seem as if you are mocking her. This will add to her feelings of comfort and trust.

Physical Proximity

Where you are in proximity to your intended seduction target plays an important role in whether or not you will be successful. Both men and women have subconscious guidelines that regulate the amount of “personal space” they require. Generally, 4 to 6 feet away is considered “social” space, 1-1/2 to 4 feet is considered “personal” space, and 0 to 18

inches away is considered “intimate” space. If you violate any of these spaces prematurely, you will sabotage your seduction.

Knowing when to move from one space to the next requires reading the woman’s body language. She will offer perceptible “tells” that will give you the green light or red light to move from the “social” to the “personal”, and the “personal” to the “intimate” spaces.

The first step is to penetrate her social proximity zone without making eye contact with her or otherwise showing interest. Distract yourself with an unrelated task, such as studying a menu or sign if you are in a bar or looking at book titles if you are in a library or bookstore. Don’t hover in her social zone longer than 15 or 20 seconds, however.

In most cases, women will not initiate conversation, so you will need to open things up by casually moving into her personal zone, acting as if you’re trying to get closer to the bar or are going toward a particular book. Don’t linger in this zone longer than 3 to 5 seconds or you may cause her to back away into her social zone.

Once you penetrate her personal space, open the conversation with an innocuous observation or casual comment. Don’t turn your body to face hers, just your face, and don’t alter the way you’re standing or your body

language. The purpose is to give her an opportunity to respond without feeling as if you are coming on to her.

When she responds, observe her body language closely for changes and alterations. If her body language moves from closed to open, you should do the same. Turn your body to face hers and use your body language to show an interest in her. If she continues to maintain her open body language during your conversation, you can manipulate your body language to encourage her to continue to open up.

How close you stand and the body language you use gives her the subliminal and psychological impression that she has earned you attention, instead of your having given it away for free. It is a trap that you lay to see if she will walk into it. When she does, her seduction gates will open up. But if you rush too quickly through her proximity zones, you will make her feel anxious, non-confident and her gates will quickly shut, perhaps permanently.


The rule of reciprocity in sales states that if you give away something for free, the recipient feels a subconscious debt to you and will be more open to your offer. Think of the car dealer who offers free hot dogs to showroom

visitors, or who gives away sports tickets with every test drive. More often than not, these tactics result in increased auto sales.

The same principle can be used in seduction, except instead of giving away hot dogs or tickets, what you are offering for free is affection. Both men and women have a natural desire to be liked by other people. If we feel somebody doesn’t like us, it can bother us and distract us disproportionately to how much we actually like that person ourselves. But if we feel somebody likes us, a subconscious attachment is made with that person because there is an unspoken emotional debt that we feel needs to be repaid.

Offering affection to the object of your seduction can take the form of a smile, a kind word, a compliment, a touch on the arm or any other action that wordlessly tells her “I like you”. Once you have expressed this message, it lays a trap for her to reciprocate, either in words or deeds. If you have read her erotic signals correctly and her seductive gates are open, you will have increased your chances of a successful seduction.

Practice using reciprocity to get women to be more interested in you. Become comfortable passing out compliments to women you don’t know, such as at the grocery store, at church or around the office. Once it becomes second nature to you to notice special qualities about women and

commenting on them, you can get more women to see you as a potential sex partner.

Personality Types

In the laws governing electricity and magnetism, opposite charges attract and similar charges repel. But in seduction, the opposite is true. People who are similar to each other are more likely to be attracted to one another than two people with completely different personality types. For example, if you are introverted, you are more likely to be attracted to quiet, mousy women than with loud and brassy women. If you have a “Type A” personality and are always looking to be the dominant Alpha Male, you typically won’t be attracted to quiet introverted women and instead will gravitate towards flashy bombshells.

In seduction, this law is useful because it can help you adjust your personality to fit the personality of your seduction target. When you observe a woman you want to seduce, take note of her personality type, then mimic this personality even if it is not your own natural one. This will make her more likely to be attracted to you and will increase your chances of a successful seduction.

Another skill to practice is to repeat back what women say to you, without sounding like you are parroting them or making fun of them. If a woman you meet at the store, for example, tells you that she has just stopped by to pick up a few things for dinner, reply, “You’re here to get something for dinner?” This will both keep her talking to you and set her more at ease so that she feels more comfortable around you. Try to practice this skill with every woman you encounter, and you will notice how it can open their seduction gates to you.

Biggest Psychological Pitfalls to Avoid

When it comes to gaining the psychological advantage over your seduction target, there are certain pitfalls that are guaranteed to derail your plans. Walk into any of these traps and you almost audibly hear her seduction gates crashing closed:

- Mistaking courtesy for interest – Women will often respond to your comment or return a smile out of politeness, but will not actually be open to seduction. To reduce your chances of misreading her courtesy for interest, pay less attention to what she does and more attention to how she does it. Observe her body language after she reacts to your show of interest and you usually can tell if she is sincerely responding in kind or simply being polite.

- Ignoring proximity borders – Most girls, especially those who are sexy, are hit on by guys all the time. They naturally create barriers to keep most men at arm’s length. If you ignore these barriers, she will always think of you as a creep or a threat, virtually eliminating any chance of seduction. Always respect the social, personal and intimate proximity distances and you can build her trust and confidence.

- Acting too fast – For women, seduction is a slow dance that cautiously moves toward its foregone conclusion. If you try to accelerate the process too quickly, she will recognize that the natural rhythms of the seductive process are out of sync and it will take her out of the moment, effectively ending the seduction. For every move you make, she will make a counter-move. Take the time to wait for it and you can keep the progression of the seduction moving forward.

- Taking it too slow – Conversely, women are passionate beings with real sexual needs. If you have successfully made contact with a woman who is sending off strong erotic energy and who has enthusiastically responded to your interest, don’t be afraid to ramp things up faster than you normally would. The whole key is to study her responses and observe the way she reacts to what you say and do, as well as your body language and proximity.


The principles of remote seduction are based on the concepts of telepathy, will and the Laws of Attraction to get any woman you desire – even if she is on the other side of the country or is someone with whom you have lost contact.

Remote seduction can be used to gain the attraction of women you have never met, instilling in them an irrational desire to seek you out and interact with you in a romantic relationship. It also has been used to get former lovers to call out of the blue, seeking to rekindle long-dormant relationships.

Seducing Any Woman from a Distance

Up until now we have discussed using psychological techniques to seduce women within a physical proximity of you. These methods are based upon

honing your powers of observation and correctly interpreting her words, action and body language.

Now, our focus turns to an entirely new approach to seduction, one that is based not on observation and rational thought, but on the power of the spirit and exerting your strong personal will to force actions to happen.

The Laws of Attraction are commonly used by people seeking to gain wealth, power, health or other valuable objectives. But they can also be used to attract love and sexual interest. The Laws of Attraction require you to focus on the object of your desire and visualize your obtaining it. It trains your mind to anticipate achieving what you want. This in turn sets forces in motion that cause the outcome to be realized in actuality.

For example, if you forcefully imagine yourself to have great wealth, experiencing it in your mind and imposing your will upon the universal powers that control destiny, eventually you will achieve your objective. Wealth will come to you simply by your wanting it so badly. The decisions you make, the actions you take and your unceasing desire for wealth eventually brings you to completion.

Remote seduction works the same way. You use visualization and the power of your imagination to create a ball of erotic energy that you focus at

a remote object of your desire. It can be a former lover, a co-worker or acquaintance, or even somebody you have never met.

By directing this positive energy at your target, you can instill your will on them, wrapping their mind with your energy and permeating their thoughts and feelings. Eventually, they will be drawn to your positive energy and will actively seek out so that they can achieve completion of their emotional desire.

Remote seduction works according to the same principles that cause one twin to feel pain when the other is injured, or when a mother has a premonition that their child is in danger right before the child is injured in an accident that occurs hundreds of miles away. It’s these type of long-range energy fields that are used to create these attraction bonds.

The forces of erotic energy work at both short and long distances. The object of your desire can be on the other side of the room or the other side of the country. It makes no difference. All you need to do is to create this powerful ball of energy and direct it at the person you desire, all the while visualizing she’s reciprocating your passion, and the universal forces will do the rest.

Identify a woman you want to seduce. Make sure it is actually a woman you have a realistic chance of having sex with. Don’t bother focusing this energy on a celebrity or another famous person because very often the personality they project publicly is not their real personality, but instead just a role they are playing in public. Focusing your attraction energy on this person, consequently, is like trying to seduce a fictional character in a book or a role on a television show. Neither are real.

Yet you can use the power of remote seduction to attract a real person. Here’s how: After you identify an actual woman you want to seduce, picture in your mind what it will be like to interact with that person in a positive manner. See yourself talking to her, having her laugh and feel comfortable with you, and smiling as she looks at you. The more realistic you can make this visualization, the more effective it will be.

Now, walk yourself through your seduction of that person: What will you say? What does she say in response? How do the two of you move? What happens next? Walk yourself through the entire process up to the very point where you engage in a physical sex act. Imagining this is not necessary.

Repeat this process several times over the course of a week. In time, this visualization will train your mind to make this remote seduction a reality. As opportunities arise to make it happen, instead of letting them pass by, you

will recognize them and act on them. Over time, you will move closer and closer to the actual seduction.

Remote seduction typically takes longer to enact than interpersonal seduction, so it could take weeks or even months before you achieve your desired outcome. Still, if you are persistent and religiously devote yourself to achieving the results you want, it will work in time.

Online Seduction Secrets

The Internet has made it easy to meet women online. There are hundreds of dating websites, chat rooms, forums and social media sites you can use to meet dozens of beautiful, engaging women without ever leaving the comfort of your home office. But the convenience of online seduction comes at a cost: You lose the ability to directly observe the way women respond to your actions. Even with video chat, reading a woman’s body language is limited, and sensing the amount of erotic energy she is emitting is almost impossible.

Yet online seduction gives you the opportunity to combine the principles of interpersonal seduction with those of remote seduction. The interpretations that are lost due to the limitations of the Internet can be replaced with the

power of will created through remote seduction techniques. The end result is successful seduction over the wires of the worldwide web.

Practice focusing the techniques of remote seduction on the women you meet online. Learn as much as you can about them in their profiles and while interacting with them in order to make your visualization more accurate. If they live someplace you have visited before, make sure to include details about what the place looks like, smells like and any other sensory details you can add.

Experience has shown that remote seduction only works based on positive energy and if the seduction you desire is for the right reasons. If your seduction effort is rooted in negative energy – such as revenge, retribution or to cause the other person emotional pain – somehow the energy cannot travel long distances.

Other negative influences on the remote seduction include skepticism, not trying hard enough, and failure to stick with it.

Benefits of Invisibility

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter books, you may be familiar with the cloak of invisibility. Whoever put on this cloak instantly became transparent and could travel around hearing and seeing what others were doing and saying without anybody noticing them.

Remote seduction is like the cloak of invisibility because it allows you to impose your will upon another person without them being aware of your presence. That way when their minds react to the powerful ball of erotic energy that you direct at them, it seems to them that the source of this attraction lies within their own will.

In other words, because they believe that it’s their idea to be attracted to you, they are going to be more open to your seduction efforts once you eventually make actual contact.

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